Accurate 10 week dating scan

19-Nov-2017 20:59

In my last pregnancy the nuchal fold measured 13mm, the outcome for us wasn't good sadly but as you have such a small measurement I can't see how this would be too bad. xxx There are other measurements they take, other than the Nuchal Fold and look at on the scan.. After a traumatic wait for 3 days (and them losing out test results and me in tears on the phone as they said it would be 48 hours!

I know how u feel and i really hope it goes well x x Hiya, I wouldn't worry too much, the cut off is below 3mm so this is just over the markers. At the time I didn't think anything of this, until she just came out and said that the Nuchal fold measurement gave us an indicator of a 1 in 14 chance of the baby having Downs. I'm not sure what happens at your hospital, but we were taken straight to see a counselling midwife who advised of our options for further testing (the hospital has now started doing the combined scan and blood test which is much more accurate! As it was coming up to the Easter weekend, we hasd to wait a week for an appt, and had a CVB (where they take a sample of the placenta to test) done at 14 weeks.

The nuchal was 4.8 and i was sent to Kings College hospital where i went through numerous tests and scans including the cvs.

Sadly for us on the day we were told there were major problems with the babys abdomen and then were sent to see the professor of cardiology who told us our babys heart was beating but not right as the valves were the wrong way round and had a hole so baby would have needed a heart transplant as soon as it was born and they could not promise they would have one.

One day we will have to tell our son and I hope he then understands what a true miracle baby he was. the wait for the test results is the longest time ever, when the midwife called I really had prepaired myself the bad news.

I couldnt believe it when she she said our baby was fine, all ok. I had a little bleed this morning so im really scared again now, it's like you get some good news then you're not allowed to fully enjoy it as you start to worry again.), all of the results came back normal and we found out we were having a boy. thank you for sharing that with me i really do appreciate it.