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03-Nov-2017 06:47

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I even can't fix the probelm if i set the update Mode of the panels to "Allways". Neverthe less: I don't want to have both update Panels als Always updating.Because it's very absurd to split all the content of a site in two updatepanels in order to reduce the traffic and then let these panels always update...Or do the Fad In work manually just like what I have done in the sample below. I think the Update Panel Animation Extender is still full of bugs and not usable in many cases. This causes panel 2 to fade out and disappear and it never comes back because the On Updated event is never fired. If you have two update seperate panels and only want an animation on one you cannot.Either both events need to fire or neither event needs to fire. Lets take this simple animation which is targeted at Update Panel2 If Update Panel 1 updaes it will fire the On Updating animation for Update Panel 2 even though the panels updatemode is declared as conditional.animation plays when every partial postback completes).

When async postback finished, Update Panel Animation Extender will animate On Updated only for Update Panel that is updated.

Shouldn't one Update Panel Animation Extender targeted at an updatepanel only update the target updatepanel?