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My name is Katie, I'm 15 years old and I like being chubby/fat. and I have blonde hair and blue eyes, I live in Texas, and i have a twin.who weighs 520 lbs and think that I too skinny, I don't know but I feel like the skinniest girl in school but I'm actually the opposite. I have an overhang now, and all the pants that were too big for me in July, I can't button them because of my belly. I traveled their by airplane and I didn't get their till supper time. When I got their I unpacked and my grandma called me down for dinner.I used to get picked on some but not really anymore so its cool.I like the way I look, I got curves lol just not always where i want them :/ but I still like it. I was talking to a man on here the other night and I told him I'm fat and how much I weigh and he said "You don't sound like you're fat from your stories".... I have been through all the phases of accepting I am fat and hating that I am fat.sleeping,and watching movies with my grandma my former firm abs turned very pudgy I also developed love handles and my thighs kind of jiggled. But I guess I need to post something on here again... Right now I am losing weight because I feel it holds me back in my career and I have knee and ankle problems and sometime in the next few years I'm going to be a grandma and I want to be healthy... My mom made me go on a diet and I lost about 20 lbs. I'm 210 lbs as of today and am almost back at my heaviest which was 218. " or "you look pretty." I know that they say it out of kindness, rather than honesty, but I don't need kindness right now, I need honesty.I woke up and my grandma came in and said that she had volunteered to watch 4 little kids for a friend for 2 times a week. chairs and I am so fat that I got stuck in the desks at school. My clothes are getting pretty tight and I just jiggle everywhere... We've been brought up to think that fat is negative, when really it's as much of an adjective as skinny. Don't get me wrong, I've tried dieting and working out. Don't be afraid that I will get upset, because I won't. Ever since this whole experience I've been through, I've lost almost 50 pounds.

A very nice feature of this random video chat - is it is free.Despite the good service, here you can chat for free.Here you encounter people you've never seen, it's a great place to find new friends from all over the world! You never leave your data, you are not asked to enter through the accounts of social networks.The bell rang for lunch and all the kids filed out of the room until it was just me and the teacher. and jean shorts that felt a little tight and went down stairs. I love myself, I love my body, and I have much respect for women who do as well. A little about myself: I'm twenty and I'm from New York. I love eating and stuffing myself and feeling my fat body grow. I find that my problem is that I simply love food way too much. They won't let me eat because I'm constantly having surgery. Most importantly, when a fat girl is given access to free food, she’s going to stuff herself every time.

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I was taking my time putting my stuff away in my bag until I tried to get out. Their was a lot more food on the table then usual so I ate it all and then my grandma came in and said "you have a good appetite today"and then told me that the little kids she were watching arrived. say I am about 5'2" and well probably 220 pounds, or 215. Last time I did I was 195 and I gained at least 10 pounds since then. I'm in a stage where I eat whatever I want and whenever I feel like it. I am looking for a feeder to make me fatter and fatter. Today was the first day I've been outside since my surgery. So, after 4 servings, I’m seated on the couch with my uncle. and am 4 foot 7 so im pretty chubby and i dont know how to feel my stomach sticks out and when i lay down with my laptop on my stomach some on my fat goes on to the mouse pad a little so im confused on how i feel but now I'm fat (from 56 to 125 kg) Several things made it happen like my sister going from obese to anorexic (yea women in my family get fat and lose fat extremely fast) or my ex BF going from gym instructor to dating my sister that made him fat Anyway after breaking my leg... I went to my dr today and had to get a check up on my weight and bp.

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