Dating a college classmate

06-Aug-2017 02:46

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The date, which had previously been the public courting method for the lower class, was adopted by young adults across the upper and middle classes.

Meetings between lovers began to be more distant from rigid parental supervision.

Lavaliering is a "pre-engagement" engagement that is a tradition in the Greek life of college campuses.

Since fraternities and sororities do not occur much outside of the United States, this occurs, for the most part, only in the US.

The automobile especially afforded a young couple the opportunity to have time together away from parental constraints.

With the shift of courtship from the private to the public sphere, it took on a new goal; dating became a means to and indicator of popularity, especially in the collegiate environment.

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Before the 1920s, the primary reason for courting someone was to begin the path to marriage.Date rape, violence, and sexual harassment are also very common occurrences on college and university campuses.