Dating lithuanian girls best quality dating sites

20-Sep-2017 05:38

A Lithuanian doesn’t have time for a hangover, because they have to take care of their “burning shafts” (šachtos dega). In Lithuania, things don’t happen “with no reason”… In Lithuania, you can‘t instantly “spot a fool”, but you can always see when a person’s “face is unharmed by intellect.” (intelekto nesužalotu veidu). Lithuanian Girl Rejection - Verbal Escalation - How?(Daygame Infield)Check on my website for Free advice, theory and everything Day Game: to my channel here: MHrpp To Book 1 on 1 personalised coaching with me: Like the Project-Tusk page on Facebook:https:// they’ll “hang pasta on the ears” (kabinti makaronus) or “cast a spell on you” (priburti). they “go and visit the dwarves” (eiti pas nykštukus). One more thing you will notice about Lithuanian women is their height. Apart from that you will also notice their beautiful hairs.

My personal best (5) in amount of sex in one night has been set with Lithuanian girl.But I believe go on the streets, pubs, coffee bar and look for girl you like.