Fake dating ads

23-Jun-2017 10:40

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The fake boyfriends in my life were taking the place of the man who would actually ask me out on a real date, not just use me until he found something better… I did not believe He would do what He said He would do, and bring me a husband.

As I started this journey towards freedom, the Lord showed me that not only did I not value myself, but there was a much bigger issue. If I was being totally honest, I was hopeless in the area of romantic relationships.

It wasn’t until later that it started a painful cycle.

What started out as flattery turned into empty words.

It took a desperate man to hold up the mirror to a formerly desperate woman, but that is where my freedom began…

Jesus started to show me I had fated my whole life, because I really didn’t know my value.

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They were getting all their emotional and physical needs met and didn’t see any reason to commit. If I could send a message to the beautiful, strong women who have found themselves in this same cycle, here’s what I would say: When you find your value in Jesus, when you trust Him with your love life, and when you realize you deserve to be pursued and not just used, something strange happens.Since I didn’t trust God, I would try to make a relationship happen myself.