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22-Sep-2017 04:44

Speed dating in general is extremely awkward, especially when you hear the ever distracting, "30 seconds left! You'll likely run into an old work friend (since every woman invited was from the media) who promises to set you up with someone, so you feel less alone, if only for a moment.49.

You may encounter a man with long coke pinky nails. You use your like/pass dating sheet only as a reference to see how many dates you have left.51.

Because you can't get to your face, it will be itchy the entire time you are in the bag.21.

Trying to scratch any part of your face through the little eye hole is awkward for all parties involved and watching.22. Sitting at a table with another "couple" during any type of speed dating is really distracting.24.

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You'll also pay more attention than usual to their handshake, as that's the most physically intimate you'll get.45. Drinking a beer through a mouth hole LOOKS SO WEIRD. Don't tell a man with "I love Katy Perry" written on his paper bag that you prefer Taylor Swift. If "I love Katy Perry" is the first thing that a man can think of about himself, run.48.

Your bangs will get in the way of your eyes, you won't be able to fix them, and yes, this is what hell is like.34.

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