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19-Nov-2017 15:35

These downloads, aside from the unwanted "extras" they may install, are often based on older versions of Open Office, and lack important security updates, putting you even more at risk. Remember this simple rule: the official website for Open Office. Downloads there are reviewed and approved by the Apache Open Office community.

There may be other reputable websites that offer Open Office downloads as well, like Source Forge or CNet or others. So what can you do if you are tricked into installing a unsafe version of Open Office?

In addition, much of Open Office's GPL code isn't compatible with the Apache Foundations' Apache license.

The Document Foundation thinks Oracle should donate Open Office's code and intellectual property (IP) to them.

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I can see why Apache would want to steer clear of the deal.Neglect, which is where we're at now, was the worst choice by far.The others were to spin Open Office to a new foundation with broad industry support; join it with an already existing open-source foundation with broad corporate support such as the Apache Software Foundation or The Eclipse Foundation; or to join up with the Document Foundation's Libre Office fork.This weekend was filled with rumors about the fate of Open Office.

Oracle essentially abandoned Open Office, after The Document Foundation's Libre Office fork but rumor has it that IBM wants the project to continue.That said, here's my current understanding of what's going on with Open Office.