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Portraying herself as an obnoxious girlfriend, her journey of dating a guy and compelling him to dump her to actually finding love in him, is made interesting by little tidbits of help offered by her office pals.

Year: 2011 Cast: Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Wendi Mc Lendon-Covey, Ellie Kemper, Melissa Mc Carthy, Rose Byrne Genre: Comedy, Romance The movie talks about the struggles Annie Walker faces when she is asked to be the maid of honour for the wedding of her best friend: Lillian.

" Only eleven years old when the film was shot, the Long Island native offered a compelling and touching performance of a misunderstood middle child, battered by the taunts of classmates (who call her 'Weinerdog') and the particular attentions of one boy (Brendon Sexton III) who demonstrates his affection with threats of rape.

Despite subject matter that was at times painful to watch, the young actress never flagged, holding the audience's sympathies even while displaying sibling rivalry.

Sources confirm to Us Weekly that the star and partner of five years, Caroline Murphy, have split.

The two announced that they had been engaged for three years in 2011, when same-sex marriage was legalized in their home state of New York.

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It suggests that the lead female characters of the movie are delicate as magnolia but should the troubles arise, they can be as strong as steel.

Year: 1998 Cast: Kirsten Dunst, Monica Keena, Heather Matarazzo and Rachael Leigh Cook Genre: Comedy The setting of the movie is based in the year 1963 and shows how a group plots and sabotage’s their school administration’s attempts of becoming a coed.

Those of you who have studied in an all-girls school will love it.

Year: 1997 Cast: Lisa Kudrow, Mira Sorvino, Janeane Garofalo, Camryn Manheim, and Alan Cumming Genre: Comedy Oh, this one is real fun. B-) Year: 2008 Cast: Emma Roberts, Georgia King, Alex Pettyfer and Natasha Richardson Genre: Teen romantic comedy-drama The movie revolves around the personal troublesome journey and transformation of a bratty (or wild) girl.

Imagine if a few years from today, you haven’t achieved all that you wanted to, in fact, you aren’t exactly successful, and one not-so-fine day you are asked to show your pretty face in your high-school reunion. Her shenanigans at her home end up in her admission in a boarding school in England.

Her friends, though are all well-off, the difference in stature sometimes causes friction between them.